Varrosis is No. 1 beekeeping problem and modern day honey bee plague in Europe!

For decades beekeepers have been fighting against the bee parasites – Varroa mites (Varroa destructor) using drugs containing fluvalinate, flumethrin and amitraz. Against these chemicals Varroa mites have developed resistance, thus gradually making less efficient a lot of used medicine. Bee Life Savers is a new veterinary device against varrosis. Bee Life Savers are strips impregnated with mix of chemicals not used before. Bee Life Savers strips do not contain antibiotics or other substances that are not allowed in the European Union. Bee Life Savers is a medicine created to fight the Varroa mites of European honey bee (Apis mellifera).

Why Bee Life Savers?

Varroa mites have not developed resistance against Bee Life Savers.

Bee Life Savers are killing more Varroa mites thanks to the longer allowed period of usage in bee hives and thus affecting Varroa mites in drone brood.

Bee Life Savers works preventative against bee nosematosis.

Bee Parasites. Varroa mites causing devastating honey bee extinction up to 30% – 40% bee colony losses in Europe yearly. Varroa mites feed on honey bee hemolymph and leave non-healing wounds in bee chitin making the gateway to various infections and diseases, such like: acute bee paralysis virus, chronic bee paralysis virus, deformed wing virus and many other viruses. Varroa mites multiply rapidly; one mite produces 5 offspring at one mating time, parasites mating several times per season. Recent studies have shown that mites prefer to breed on the bee fat located between the stomach sections. Mites feeding on the bee fat have higher reproductive rates than ones feeding on hemolymph only.

Varroa mites affecting honey bee performance, shortens their life span and make huge losses for beekeepers. Unlike Asian bee (Apis cerana), the honey bee (Apis mellifera) lacks sufficient defense to combat Varroa mites. To control the spread of Varroa mites there is a need to help the bee colonies to survive. We are for bees! Bee Life Savers are for bees!

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