How to use?

Bee Life Savers strips are meant to be used in early spring and late fall; during the period when there is no honey in a bee hive. For one bee hive with 7 until 8 frames you will need 4 Bee Life Savers stripes. The best way to put stripes alternately between the frames. Bee Life Savers stipes can be kept in bee hive from 42 until 45 days. Please use rubber gloves when placing stripes in the bee hives for the sake of your safety. Be aware the liquid of stripes does not come in eyes or on skin. After Bee Life Savers usage period is over, take them out and destroy in order not to spread other diseases in your apiary.

Since the usage of Bee Life Savers is up to 45 days, it works more effectively on Varroa mites in drone brood. Varroa mites prefer drone brood, firstly because the development of drones is longer than working bee’s development period and drone development period is more similar to Varroa mite development time. Secondly, because drone cells are wider and larger – there is more space, better comfort.